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“The sympathetic reverberations between the music of poetry and the poetry
of music have rarely been so fully amplified as they are on this recording.

I wish we could all hear new work like this all the time.”






POET                      PIANIST



POEMJAZZ treats a voice speaking poetry as having a role like that of a horn: speech with its own poetic melody and rhythm, in conversation with what the music is doing. To put it simply, POEMJAZZ is a conversation between the sounds of poetry and music.


CD, 14 tracks          $15.00 + postage


Robert Pinsky, arguably America’s greatest living poet and the only one in history to serve three terms as U.S. Poet Laureate, has maintained a lifelong appreciation for jazz that is evident throughout much of his writing, though never quite to the degree of this tremendous collaboration. Pinsky reads 13 of his poems (plus Ben Jonson’s “His Excuse for Loving”) accompanied by pianist Laurence Hobgood, best known for his long and immensely fruitful musical partnership with Kurt Elling (who, closing the circle, once fitted Pinsky’s “The City Dark” to Wayne Shorter’s “Speak No Evil”).
If the blending of poetry and jazz conjures images of smoky Greenwich Village coffeehouses where Jack Kerouac wannabes bleat to bongo beats, park that cliché. Pinsky and Hobgood establish a wholly simpatico artistic partnership. On all but two tracks, Hobgood improvised every note in the studio, concurrent with Pinsky’s readings. Pinsky proves himself an equally adept improviser. His are not dramatic interpretations of the poems but musical ones, the focus on cadence and harmony with Hobgood. The poet’s performances are rich with spontaneous touches—repeating phrases, doubling back on words, inserting freshly elucidating text—worthy of Ella, Anita O’Day or, most accurately, Mark Murphy and Elling.